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The Role Of A Coach

I am often asked what the difference is between a lawyer, a therapist and a coach.
Here I have provided you with a breakdown so that you can better understand the differentiation.

Lawyer vs. Coach

Your Lawyer is able to advise you on what your legal rights are and what you’re entitled to under the law. I highly recommend that my clients use a lawyer who specializes in family law. A family law lawyer is best able to advise you and understand all legal aspects of your case. Be careful of any legal advice that you receive elsewhere. Legal advice should come from your lawyer.

Your Coach on the other hand, can work with you and your lawyer but your coach is there to support you on non-legal matters. Your coach is able to help you decipher and formulate what information and questions you should be obtaining from and asking of your lawyer. Your coach can be an effective strategic partner on how to manage all aspects of your divorce and can help you take control of your entire divorce process.

Therapist vs. Coach

When going through a divorce, many people find it helpful to work with a therapist. Therapists tend to focus on helping their clients understand how they got to where they are now, by understanding how their past choices or behaviours led them to today. The idea is to identify and understand past behaviour in order to heal.

Coaching on the other hand, focuses on moving forward. In my coaching sessions, we look at your current situation and we focus on how to propel you forward into where you want to be. We set realistic and attainable goals to help you make clear and sound decisions for your future. If necessary, we work on understanding what your triggers are so that you can effectively manage your emotions and keep these emotions from finding their way into your decision making.

About Me

I am an Author, Public Speaker, Certified Divorce, Coparenting and Mediation Coach, but the role I’m most proud of is that of mom and step-mom to 4 teens and Connor, our family dog.

“Thank you so much for all your help. I was really feeling stuck and you helped me get past what I needed to in order to move forward. I am so grateful.”

After two difficult hours of mediation this morning , it was game set match.
I just stuck to our talking points – in a nice way.
The coaching session last week and yesterday paid off – thanks so much for squeezing me in and preparing me for today!! You are awesome! 🙌🏻

“Our sessions have helped me a lot. Sometimes I feel frazzled but you really help me to calm down and focus on what’s important and how I can help myself face different situations.”

What People Had To Say:

“Heather is a true trailblazer and expert in this field. Not only is she a brilliant and articulate speaker, she is an active and compassionate listener. She certainly helped me move through my divorce and co parenting with amazing advice and care.”

“Heather; You are such an incredible human that I feel really blessed to have crossed paths with. Your passion for what you do and what you believe in shines through because you embody your inner strength and the fact that you’re able to use that to help other women is such a great gift.”

“Heather, you have been such a huge help to me in preparing me and getting me ready for my mediation. You helped me make a stressful day easier to handle and I felt much better prepared to deal with it.”

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