Each night my kids dread the question, “Do you have any homework?” and I dread the answer. I think that homework is more stressful as a parent, than it was as a kid. Why? For several reasons. Mainly I think, because my kids have a tendency to leave all their homework for the last minute and their time management skills are let’s say….still developing.

As a divorced parent, I find the homework woes even greater because I can only help my kids manage their time half of the week (when they’re in my care). Sure, I suggest and encourage them to do their homework at their dad’s house too, but ultimately it’s up to them to get it done. Here are some tips that I have learned to help manage homework between 2 homes:

1. Communicate

If your children are young, this communication should happen with both your child and your co-parent. Your child is ultimately responsible for getting their work done but if they’re young, they may need encouragement from your co-parent. If your children also see that their parents are both on the same page when it comes to homework, then the task becomes much easier for everyone. I no longer speak to my ex about their homework. My kids are 13 and 15 and should now be self-regulating.

2. Ask for Help

As a writer, it should come as no surprise that I’m my kids’ “go to” when it comes to English homework and editing. As such, I’m able to help them most in these subjects. While elementary school math wasn’t a problem for me to help with, I must admit that now I’m no longer able to help them, other than to encourage them to seek help elsewhere. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I will often suggest that my daughter call her dad or go to his house for help with math homework, regardless of who’s parenting time it is. Look at parenting time as your kids’ time…not yours. Do what’s best for them. I often spend time editing papers and projects for my kids’ on their dad’s time. We correspond through email, but I’m still able to help them. Encourage your kids to ask for help from someone who can best help them in the subject area.

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