When a major storm or natural disaster strikes, it always and inevitably leaves destruction and devastation in its path. It often takes a community commitment and effort to clean up the mess and begin to rebuild. The same is true of divorce, and of the divorce recovery process.

As a Certified Divorce Coach, I specialize in working with parents to help you find the structure and resources you need to feel strong, supported and in control of your life. These tools will allow you to move through the divorce process in a more efficient, healthier and less expensive way.


I understand firsthand, the overwhelm and angst that divorce brings. After being married to a Divorce Lawyer for almost 15 years, I found my safe and comfortable life shaken to the core when my marriage ended. I struggled to come to terms with my new normal and I was at a loss as to how to accomplish this. I became a Certified Divorce Coach and wrote my first book, RECONSTRUCTING HAPPY to be able to share my expertise with others who find themselves where I was. Divorce doesn’t have to break you. It’s not the end. It can be your chance to rebuild yourself into a better, stronger and happier you.

Our sessions are always private and confidential. I am happy to do sessions over the phone, in person or by Zoom; whatever you’re most comfortable with and whatever works best with your life.


The idea is for you to find a coaching structure that works for you.

 Package A

3 months

12 weekly sessions

VIP services included with this package:

  • Complimentary copy of my book
  • 12 between session emails, texts or phone calls

 Package B

1 month

4 weekly sessions

VIP services included with this package:

  • Complimentary copy of my book
  • 2 between session emails or texts

Individual Session

For those who do not wish to commit to a longer coaching relationship  55 minute sessions are available

What Can A Divorce Coach Do For You?

Save You Time and Money

Introduce You To The Right Professionals For You

Empower you to make Good Decisions

Help You Understand the Process and Set Clear Goals

What Can A Divorce Coach Do For You?

Save You Time and Money

I work with my clients on helping them use their divorce professionals in the right way, so that they’re able to get the most out of their time and money. I help you come up with the right questions to ask your lawyer and I can help you plan for your lawyer meetings so that you go in prepared and ready. Learn to be an efficient and effective client, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Your divorce lawyer is very important but they’re also likely the most expensive professional on your team. Know how to use them and benefit from their advice in the best and most effective way possible.


Introduce You To The Right Professionals For You; Customize Your Divorce Team

Everyone’s divorce is different. While there may be commonalities in many divorces, there isn’t a “one size fits all” divorce which is why there shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” approach to managing your divorce. There are so many different types of divorce professionals out there; some you may need and some you may not. I help my clients come up with a customized divorce team that suits their budget and targets their specific needs. Why spend money on one type of professional when another kind may be more appropriate. You needn’t overwhelm yourself with all the different options out there. Together, I can help you understand your options and from there you’re able to make an informed, educated and strategic plan when putting together the team you need.

I work with, and have access to many highly regarded professionals. From lawyers, real estate agents, therapists, mediators, financial advisors, even matchmakers and everyone in between, I am able to put you in touch with the right people for you. I don’t benefit financially by referring my clients to these highly accredited professionals. I benefit simply by knowing that I am helping my client get the best help and support.

Help You Make Good Decisions

This is probably THE MOST emotional and traumatic time in your life. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your future. These feelings can sometimes feel like more than we can handle. It’s also unfortunately a time when you’re making important decisions that will impact your future and your children’s future. You want to ensure that you’re making good, sound decisions based on logic, facts and the best interest of your family. Clouding these decisions with the emotions that you’re feeling won’t get you the results that you want. I work with my clients on taking the emotions out of their decision making so that they’re able to stay focused, have clarity and look ahead to what will best serve them and their family going forward. Being able accomplish this, will allow you to move forward in a faster and healthier way, and get you on the path to your new happily ever after.

Help You Understand the Process and Set Clear Goals

I am here to answer any questions about your divorce process or point you in the right direction to find the answers that you need. By helping you be in charge of your divorce, you get the understanding and knowledge that you need to feel empowered and confident in the choices you’re making. Together we work on getting you to set clear and realistic goals for your divorce and your life post-divorce.


Organize and complete paperwork

There can be a lot of paperwork and information required by your lawyer or your financial team during your divorce. Gathering all your information can be an overwhelming task. I work with my clietns to break it down into managable chunks and I help my clients gather the information they need. I work with my clients to get them organized so that they’re able to complete much of the paperwork on their own, without having to incur additional costs and waste unnecessary time.

Other Services Offered

Resume Writing and Preparation for Workforce Re-Entry

As a former Human Resources Manager, I have extensive knowledge and understanding of what employers are looking for in a good candidate. Whatever industry, and however long you have been out of the workforce, I help my clients to create their resume and I provide interview techniques and strategies so that you’re able to job hunt with confidence and skill!


Co-Parenting Coaching

I have coached couples who were looking to make the transition from life partners to co-parenting partners. I have coached them on how to move past their resentment and move towards a positive co-parenting relationship where they’re abe to focus on their children’s needs instead of on their relationship. Positive and healthy co-parenting leads to reduced animosity and stress and can lead to faster, more efficient resolution, and a much more amicable family dynamic going forward. Becoming an effective co-parenting team can save you time, money, stress and unnecessary angst. The more you can get along with your ex, the better it is for your children’s overall and long term well being. I can help with the following and more:

  • Telling your kids that you’re getting divorced
  • How to talk to your kids
  • How to communicate as co-parents
  • How to make the transition from spouse to co-parent
  • How to handle bigger parenting issues which require both parents
  • Creating expectations for one another and for your children
  • Developing your role as a co-parents
  • Establishing, understanding and respecting boundaries

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